Is music a stress reliever

July 31, 2020

Depression is a DISEASE! It is a disease that makes your life living hell. Not physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Depression is not the state when someone looks sad. It’s when someone smiles when he wants to cry. It’s when you want to be alone, but you are surrounded by the people. It’s when you want to sit quite. It’s the moment when you starts shivering unnecessary & go through an unpleasant emotion. It’s when you stuck at something and try harder to move on but you can’t. It’s when you want to sleep but you aren’t able to do that. It is the worst phase of life. You always try to get out if this phase but
you are not able to do that. You want somebody to just hold your hand and make you out of this situation. Depression is a severe problem. You never know from what problem does the other person is going on. So never judge anyone because you don’t know their story behind the smile.


Young generation suffers from depression because they couldn’t succeed in their goal or either failed in relationships. Some students do suffer from depression because sometimes they failed to clear competitive exams. For example, they do act prep online or sat prep online. They do hard work but sometimes failed to clear it. It happens and they suffer from depression. To reduce this stress level one should listen music. We actually forget everything, mind goes blank for few minutes and we imagine self in some other world.


Music, a stress reliever! Yes it is. Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. It actually helps to reduce stress. Listening music, we actually connects us to those lyrics in the music. Singing (or shouting) along can also be a great release of tension. Playing an
instrument, for example, allows depressed people to express themselves nonverbally when they can’t easily talk about how they feel. Listening to soothing music makes you feel relaxed.

Music therapy is of two types: active music therapy and passive therapy. In active therapy, the therapist and the patient compose music using an instrument or the voice. The patient is encouraged to share thoughts and feelings. In passive therapy, individuals listen to music while meditating, drawing or doingsome other stuffs. 
Music is a stress reliever. Listening to music can relive depression and increase self-esteem ratings inelderly people.

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