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1) Introduction
2) Integers
3) Addition of Integers
4) Subtraction of Integers with the help of a Number Line
Revision – Previous Grade
1) Discoveries and Inventions
2) Science is Everywhere
Knowing Our Numbers
1) Introduction
2) Comparing Numbers
3) Large Numbers in Practice
4) Using Brackets
5) Roman Numerals
Whole Numbers
1) Introduction
2) Whole Numbers
3) The Number Line
4) Properties of Whole Numbers
5) Patterns in Whole Numbers
Revision – Previous Grade
1) Fun with Grammar
2) Fun with Grammar
Reading Comprehension (RC)
1) Retrieve explicitly stated information in a text about characters
2) Evaluate Plot
3) Evaluate Events
4) Evaluate style
Grammar – The Sentence
1) Types of sentences based on their meaning
2) Question words
3) Subject/Predicate
Grammar – The Sentence
1) Types of sentences based on their meaning
2) Question words
3) Subject/Predicate
Revision – Previous Grade
1) Fun with Grammar
1) What, where, how and when, The Earth in the solar system and Understanding
What, Where, How and When ?
1) Finding out what happened
2) What can we know about the past?
3) Where did people live ?
4) Names of the land
5) Finding out about the past
6) One past or Many?
7) What do dates mean?
From Hunting – Gathering to Growing Food
1) The earliest people: why were they on the y on they on the move?
2) How do we know about these people?
3) Choosing a place to live in
4) Finding out about fire
5) A changing environment
6) The beginning of farming and herding
7) A New Way of life
8) ‘Storing’ animals
9) Finding out about the first farmers and herders
10) Towards a settled life
11) A closer look — Living and dying in Mehrgarh
In the Earliest Cities
1) The story of Harappa
2) What was special about these cities?
3) Houses, drains and street
4) Life in the City
5) New crafts in the city
6) In Search of Raw Materials
7) Food for people in the cities
8) A Closer Look – Harappan Towns in Gujarat
9) The Mystery of the End
Fibre to Fabric
1) Variety in Fabrics
2) Fibre
3) Some Plant Fibres
4) Spinning Cotton Yarn
5) Yarn To Fabric
6) History of
Clothing Material
Sorting materials into groups
1) Objects Around Us
2) Properties of Materials
Separation of Substances
1) Methods of Separation
Changes Around us
1) Can all Changes Always be Reversed?
2) Could there be other ways to bring a Change?

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