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Grade - 4

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*Numbers and Place Value
1) 5-digit numbers
2) 6-digit numbers
3) Comparing 5 digit , 6 digit numbers
4) Forming numbers
5) Rounding off numbers
6) Roman numbers
*Addition and Subtraction
1) Adding 4-digit numbers
2) Adding large numbers
3) Properties of addition
4) Checking addition
5) Estimating the sum
6) Story sums of Addition
7) Subtracting 4-digit numbers
8) Subtracting large numbers
9) Properties of subtraction
10) Checking subtraction
11) Estimating the difference
12) Story sums of Subtraction
13) Addition and subtraction together
14) Story sums
1) Properties of multiplication
2) Multiplication of a Number by 1000,10000
3) Multiplication by a 1-digit number
4) Multiplication by a 2-digit number
5) Multiplication by a 3-digit number
6) Estimating the product
7) Story sums on
1) Division by a 1-digit divisor
2) Division facts
3) Checking division
4) Division by 10, 100 and 1000
5) Division by a 2-digit divisor by estimation
6) Actual division by a 2-digit divisor
7) Story sums
8) Estimating Quotient
1) Common noun
2) Proper noun
3) Collective noun
4) Singular/Plural noun
5) Gender
6) Abstract noun
7) Countable/uncountable noun
1) Subject/Object pronoun
2) Personal pronoun
3) Possessive pronoun
4) Demonstrative
1) Adjective of quality
2) Adjective of quantity
3) Adjective of number
4) Demonstrative adjective
5) Degree of comparison
1) Adverb of time
2) Adverb of place
3) Adverb of manner
4) Adverb of frequency

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Grade 4 Full Syllabus - Math (Full Schedule)
Grade 4 Full Syllabus - English (Full Schedule)
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SIX Day's For Live Classes 4


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