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APRIL 25, 2019
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Questions to ask your child’s teacher to get to know them better?

Questions to ask your child’s teacher to get to
know them better?
It’s the duty of every parent to know about their child’s teacher. To understand the teacher so that both
can have a better understanding. Like everyone has a doubt that what to ask them. What type of questions
we should ask them? Be updated with the performance of your child. Always be in contact with the
teacher. But just don’t ask them all at once. Here I have shared some of the questions which you can ask
private tutor,assignment help

1. What academic standards they have? About their qualification.
2. How will you cope up if my child doesn’t respond in class?
3. Test their patience.
4. What assessments will you provide, theoretical or practical?
5. How will you manage discipline in class?
6. How will you teach the importance of positivity in life?
7. How will you make manage their weakness?
8. What learning models will you use to teach them?
9. Do we need to hire a private tutor?
10. How do you measure academic progress?
11. What are your strategies to make them understand anything?
12. Is there any technology which will be taught to students?
13. How is education changing?
14. How can I help you in building my child’s performance better?
15. You can also ask about your child, his performance, how he interacts with their mates and so on.
That’s why every school organizes Parent- Teachers Meet up to discuss the performance of their child.
What parents need to do to help their child in studies or assignment help. What initiate should they take
to do so? All the stuff are discussed in this meetup. Don’t just ask about your child’s grades because the
report cards can tell you that. Find out how he’s coping emotionally too.


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