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DECEMBER 30, 2016
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How to maintain a positive mindset in the classroom?

How to excel in chemistry and score top grades?

Chemistry is a subject which requires a lot of efforts and hard work. It is easy to excel in chemistry. All it requires focus towards it. You need to be focused and have full on concentration in chemistry. Try to understand the concept behind the chemistry equations. Here we will help you to improve chemistry results. Chemistry is as important as physics. It’s easy to memorize the concepts of chemistry.

Here is some technique you can apply:

  1. Be focused: to excel in anything, one needs to be focused. My key to dealing with stress is simple, just stay cool and stay focused. Everything will be good. Now coming to chemistry, whatever you are studying, just study it with focus. Chemistry is a very broad subject. Try to understand each and every concept. The chemistry can be divided into five categories:
  • Organic chemistry: The branch of chemistry which deals with the study of the compound of carbon. Compounds of carbon are called organic compounds. Try to understand how the compounds are formed, their structure, its application and so on. If you understand the concept you would remember it for a lifetime.
  • Inorganic chemistry: It deals with the study of compounds other than carbon.
  • Physical chemistry: It deals with the application of mathematical methods to chemical problems.
  • Analytical chemistry: It deals with the study of quantitatively and qualitatively analyzes of chemical compounds.
  • Biochemistry(or physiological chemistry): It deals with the study of chemical reactions within living cells and the chemical structure of living material.
  1. Always read before going to class: Its good to study before going to class. It increases the understanding capability. So always read that topic which teacher is going to teach in class before. Always be attentive in class. Listen to your teacher carefully.  Make proper notes of each chapter so that you could revise them at exam time.  Revise those notes regularly. Clear your doubts. You can also take help from online tutoring sites. Many tutoring websites are available. Take help from those sites.
  2. Understand the basics: Always try to understand the basics of every topic. It will help you to solve the complex problems. Have a solid understanding of symbols, periodic table of elements and chemical names. You can use mnemonic devices to learn the periodic table. Create your own methods.
  3. Practice: Practice a lot, mark my words you need a lot of practice to be good in chemistry. Chemistry needs a lot of revision. Do practice of complex problem. Solve test papers and analyse your performance.

To score well in any of the subjects, one needs a lot of practice. There is no shortcut to success. Be calm and study. Feel free to contact us.



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